Easy Anti-Rekognition Techniques

Ben Loula

Saturday 11:30

Let’s say you’re at a protest. Why? That’s not important. What IS important is the fact that someone just took a selfie with you in the background and posted it to Instagram and Twitter. Days later, an underpaid intern at the local police department is tasked with scraping social media protest hashtags and running every photo they find through their department’s facial recognition software. Congratulations, now you’re on a list.

What happens now? Do you get a knock at your door? Does your employer get a letter concerning your “extracurricular activities?” Do you get vanned on your way to the store tomorrow?

Is there a way to easily avoid getting picked out of a crowd by facial recognition software, preferably without running afoul of anti-mask laws? Let’s fire up Amazon Rekognition and find out!

About Ben
Ben is a webapp pentester currently living in Texas. He is the cofounder of the Woodlands Hackers Association and the chapter co-lead of OWASP Houston. When he’s not hacking he’s probably running tabletop RPGs, playing VR video games, or walking his cat.