Monitoring and debugging with Minecraft

Jeremy Stott (SafeStack)

Saturday 15:15

Forget DataPuppy, RailCannon or CloudSights for monitoring your app. Introducing Minecraft for server and application Monitoring. Using this new tool, spawn into your running app with Minecraft. Visualise your server heath, users, and application interactions with blocks, villagers, and animals. Use switches and buttons to toggle feature flags on and off, and interact with your running program.

Visualising the state of your program is hard, and errors are often hidden in mountains of logs. But not in MineMonitâ„¢. See user requests in real time, and identify bottlenecks using rivers, virtual mountains and tree logs. Over lockdown I got into minecraft, and things kinda got out of control.

About Jeremy
Jeremy is an application security specialist at SafeStack. His background is in security, software engineering and electronics with over 10 years of experience in misconfiguring cloud infrastructure, failing builds, runtime errors, and releasing blue smoke. When his two kids grow up, he will be able to pass on his skills such as opening capacitive touch doors remotely, getting discounts at fuel pumps, and signing SSH certificates.