DXCoded - Attacking Pushbutton Combination Locks

Logan Woods (Aura Information Security)

Friday 17:00

You know those combination locks with the two rows of numbers, 1-9 and a couple of letters… commonly used for employee bathrooms, shoe shop storerooms and other fairly low security locations? Turns out they are way less secure than they appear at first glance, and that they frequently get used to secure things worthy of a much better lock. This talk explores some well-known ways to attack these locks, as well as some new methods that reduce their security even further.

About Logan
Logan is a Senior Security Consultant at Aura. While most of his day job is doing the cyberz, there’s also a fair bit of surreptitiously getting into buildings so the clients can stop someone bad doing it. Has been known to pick a lock or two, and take bad selfies in your server room.