Securing the Long White Cloud

Sarah Young (Microsoft)

Friday 10:00

Security has always been an ever-evolving topic; cloud security is no different. The outcomes we want to get to for an organisation are largely the same, but how do we get there in a cloud environment, and what if we’re running hybrid? In this talk, Sarah will discuss about some of the typical technical cloud security challenges she has seen, the current threat landscape, and how best as an organisation you can make the correct choices for your security posture. Also many fun videos and GIFs.

About Sarah
Sarah is a Senior Program Manager for Azure Security at Microsoft. Allegedly she lives in Melbourne but is more likely to be found in airport lounges across Asia (or was, pre-Covid) and is currently a Covid refugee, having been in NZ since March. Sarah loves cloud security and spends most of her time telling people how to do it better and generally nerding about tech things. She also owns a ridiculously good-looking dog.

Sarah is an experienced public speaker and has presented on a range of IT security and technology topics at industry events both nationally and internationally (BSides Las Vegas, The Diana Initiative, Kiwicon, PyCon AU, Container Camp AU/London, BSides Ottawa, BSides Perth, DevSecCon Boston, CHCon, KubeCon, BSides SF). She is an active supporter of both local and international security and cloud native communities.