Blame the Virus

Sera Walker

Saturday 10:30

“The virus is the problem, not the people”. New Zealand has had one of the harshest and arguably most effective responses to the pandemic globally. But with season 2 of lockdown kicking off, let’s take a look at the public facing response, and see what lessons the infosec industry can learn.

Our country’s entire response team has been working hard not to place the blame on people, but on the virus. Messaging to the public has been timely, clear and concise. The focus is not on root cause but on preventing further spread. And the underlying current to it all is “Be Kind”.

In this talk we will examine NZ’s fantastic example of a blameless incident review, and how we can replicate this when something happens to the systems we support.

About Sera
Sera is a reformed-developer-turned-SRE currently working at a NZ payments company. She has an advanced degree in logic which she primarily uses to win arguments on the internet. She spends her time yelling at the cloud and hunting 9s, but now she’s going to help you make your incident response process better.

Talk to her about cats, coffee, hoodies, fonts, or who is the best pony and why it is Twilight Sparkle.