Exploring New Zealand's internet IP space in style

ss23 and haquaman

Saturday 10:00

You may have heard of SHODAN, you may even have heard of Low Hanging Kiwi Fruit, but I bet you haven’t heard of Flaming Penguin.

We built a tool to provide SHODAN-like functionality across New Zealand’s IP space. We’ve been running it for over a year and collecting all the data we can, like which services are available. This has let us run interesting analytics, like how many Pulse VPN appliances are still available after a major exploit is released?

If you’ve ever wanted to know about how to build a tool like this, or if you’ve ever wanted to know what is really on the New Zealand public internet, come along and we’ll explore together.

About Hugh
Hugh is a Security Consultant, previously a developer. He has many years experience over many fields and has spoken at numerous conferences.

About ss23
ss23 is a 196 IQ hacker, known for annoying people on the internet. He won the CTF at Chcon last year, but gave away his prize, because he is so humble, the most humble. He also broke his shoulder riding a scooter (while sober!) recently, so if you see him in pain during the conference, give him a hand (ha ha) and help him out.