No... that's my Lime


Saturday 16:15

I will take a working Lime scooter, partially disassemble it to get to the motor controller. Then backup and flash the motor controller with an older firmware version using openOCD. We can then use the ‘Arduino hack’ to use the scooter as personal transport. The Arduino hack replaces the LBCat (green box) with a Nano that sends the correct hex strings to the motor controller to unlock the scooter.

Finally we will reflash the original firmware back onto the scooter and return it to a working hire scooter.

I will explain the payloads sent from the Arduino to the motor controller and what each hex string does.

About Tokala
“My name is Tokala and I have spent a number of years working in the IT industry, from development, to R&D, to web hosting and virtualisation. I am now a Senior Systems Engineer specialising in large deployment IOT. Whenever I see something new, the first thing I think is, how does it work, can I get into it and what else can it do? Remember, always press the Red button and always answer yes to the question.